A floorboard creeks, a Crick flows

When it rains it pours.

This week is “spring break,” but as soon as the taste of freedom got closer it seems as if winter finally arrived. Non stop rain for days, a major drop in temperature and blown rivers greet my plans.

I guess ill work a few more days this week….might escape up to a river that rarely blows midweek and try to stick a few…..

On a separate note, i’ve been really wishing it was mid september, as my favorite fishing spot would be in prime shape. Right now its a raging river with ice on the edges and most everything else covered in a few feet of snow.

Of all the options of places to fish around where I live, I really love my little creek. Rarely are there any other people, and if i do happen to run into some, usually its one of a small group of people who fish it often.

This place is a dry dropper haven, but I will throw on a bobber and some lead to for a few of my deeper runs that hold some big boys (14-16″).

The feeling of excitement when my car finally hits the gravel is pretty incredible, anyone who has a favorite spot would know exactly what i’m talking about.

If size is your game, this is not the place for you….a nice fish here is 12″ with an occaisonal 12-16″ found in the deeper pockets.

For the most part you catch rainbows, but as you hike higher and higher up the creek you run into a smattering of browns, and they are usually superior in size and fight.

The gradient is fairly steep, so its mostly plunge pools and fast runs, but there are also some great meadows that are slow and hold larger fish. You have to hike to find the fish here, as the roadside spots get hit with regularity.


About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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