First Day in Alaska!

It has been far too long since i have written anything. The last two months have gone by in an absolute blur. With school ending, finals, and the spring bass spawn i have been pretty busy! I pulled 2 A’s, a B+, B, and B- this semester, which is something around a 3.4 (?) and the best semester of my college career thus far. Did a lot of bass fishing, and managed some pretty good days and nights. Got a 6+ topwater LMB on my local pond and a myriad of other solid fish throughout the last month.

I left for Anchorage on the morning the the 24th.

After a pretty long trip up, im finally here. On my flight from seattle to anchorage i managed to get trapped in between a very large man, and an even larger woman with her tantrum throwing almost two year old sitting on her lap. Put in the headphones and tried to sleep.

My dad picked me up at the airport, and we headed straight for ninilchik. We woke up around 4am and had breakfast, then headed to homer for our first day of halibut fishing.



The day started off with about two hours of salmon trolling with no success, from what ive heard its been pretty slow thus far when it comes to salmon around here. After we got tired of driving around in circles we all decided that it was time to go try for some halibut.



My dad quickly put a “chicken” in the box, a chicken being any fish below 30lbs. We fished shallow in a kelp bed for a while, and put a few in the boat for the group, but after a while the Capt. decided a move was in order as the tide was beginning to shift.

The next spot we fished was a rocky pinnacle sitting at about 100′. We caught a few more chickens, and after getting slightly bored watching the tip of my rod jiggle and wait for the circle hook to take hold, the tide turned to slack and i put a jig on. For the next hour and a half, i caught a fish on literally every drop! After watching me by dad decided to throw a jig on and he started to do the same. As the boat neared to finishing out its limit for the day, I made one last drop. The last drop.



As soon as my jig hit the bottom i got slammed. While obviously not a monster as can be found up here, it was by far the largest fish i hooked all day. I felt solid headshakes, had some drag pulled out, and actually had to really put the wood to this fish! After a battle of about 10 minutes or so it came to the surface and showed its self, and then we stuck it and put it in the boat.



He was in the mid 40lb range. Not a monster at all, but definitely a respectable fish, and the biggest of the day! After we got the gear stowed we motored back to homer, and assed the damage for the day. We did pretty darn well, and all left with relatively large sacks of meat.



Halibut cheeks were had for dinner along with mushrooms and other delicious accoutrements.

On the down side, our charter for tomorrow got a small bit messed up as it is a holiday weekend and while they usually run 3 boats, one broke. So tomorrow they are running doubles, and we wont be getting on the water until around 12pm. It gives us choice time on sunday, but we were still hoping for the incoming tide….

More to come tomorrow. Hopefully something 100lbs+


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fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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One Response to First Day in Alaska!

  1. Norma says:

    Looks like a perfect first day there. The pictures are great! Congrat’s on the big one. I look forward to the next blog.

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