Halibut in Ninilchik

Today we got to sleep in pretty late, as our boat didn’t leave until around 12. We woke up when we wanted to, and just lounged around the camper until it was time to go meet the boat.

We fished with Capt. Levi out of Ninilchik Charters, and had a blast. The water was really calm, and that let us run a little farther than usual in order to fish some other grounds. Running down the cook inlet is incredible. Surrounded be snowcapped mountains, and even a few active volcanoes the view is interesting to say the least.

The halibut fishing was really good today, with the average size quite a bit larger than that of yesterday, around 25 lbs with a few to the high 30lb range.

My dad was fishing away in the corner when for some reason, he released his rod to live free in the ocean. He said a fish yanked so hard it pulled the rod out of his hands, im not so sure about that one……

Without a moments hesitation, Capt. Levi grabbed a rod and casted out to try and see if he could snag the line of the rod that was just dropped. The water is almost 200 feet deep here, with a pretty strong current so i didnt have high hopes of recovery.

Well he got it. Reeling the rod up, the line was barely wrapped around the sinker. My dad and Levi handlined the rod in, and the fish was still there. To punish it for its thievery we stuck it with the gaff and gave it a few solid barry bonds style cracks to the head with Papa Wood.

The rest of the day really went without a hitch, caught a few more nice halibut and even tried trolling for some kings to no avail.

The 4 fish in the middle are ours, so we left with some good meat. I hate killing things, but its their own fault that halibut are so darn tasty.

On a final note, the other clients that we were fishing with had to be some of the most sour and obnoxious people I had ever met. All they did was whine and complain all day. Im sure it took Capt. Levi all he had to keep himself from letting them “accidentally” fall overboard.

One more day of fun before im headed back to anchorage to hangout for a few days before its time to head to the bush!

……To be continued



About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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