First Week In Camp

We arrived in Camp on the morning of the second after leaving Anchorage in the morning, and then flying out of Aleknagik on Dave’s bush plane after watching the ice move out of the lake. The Ice out is a big event for the locals around here, as it is one of the first real indicators that summer is almost here.

The flight in was really beautiful, flying in a plane like this really allows you to see much more of the terrain than you would be able to otherwise. We even had the chance to see moose and caribou. As we began to near our destination, the mighty Nushagak came into view.

The first few days was a blur. Setting up tents, cleaning our cabin out, and most of all acquiring a massive amount of wood so that we can stay warm by the fire during our cold mornings and evenings.

Once the major jobs were done, it was time to get some time on the water in. This river is incredibly different from anything I had previously experienced. Big, deep and slow in some places, fast and really shallow in others. This river makes other area rivers look like the Mississippi.

After a while, even I got to briefly wet my line, and I got my first Nush Grayling and Rainbow! I really forget how hard these fish fight. They are incredibly strong and really quick to jump so you have to get a good hook set quickly or they will throw your flies.

Our first batch of clients arrive sometime today. Hopefully ill have some more pictures here soon….

Stay Tuned!



About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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One Response to First Week In Camp

  1. Norma says:

    Enjoyed the pictures and your commentary. I hope you will be able to do many such posts.

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