The Itch

Lately I have had the fly tying itch something fierce. Along with that, my urge to swing big flies for steelhead has been strong. I got out this morning and threw some big winter bugs just for the heck of it, and I loved it. The pull of a beefy tip and big fly is undeniably awkward, but fun.



No nibs or anything, but it was nice to get into the zone for a while. Watch the sunrise and steam rise off the river.


This bug is my first attempt at a rubber intruder style pattern. Thin, wiggly, colorful and sticky sharp with an owner stinger on the business end. My goal is to put at least one bug into the box every night until I have at least two of everything. Hopefully these fish well. I’m going to tie some in trout colors and go swing them deep and slow in some cold water to see if the wiggle may entice something.


Learn something new everyday. My basic idea when it comes to fly tying can be described no better than in the words of my good buddy JB, “everything together!”


About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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