The Holy Grail of Graphite

Working at a fly shop in the midst of restructuring can be an interesting process. From ripping out carpet and destroying old furniture, to organizing thread, reels, fly rods and tying materials, there is always something to be done. Every now and then you can find a “treasure” stashed in a spot that has obviously been in that place for some years. I found one recently, and as luck would have it, it was something I had been wanting to acquire for quite some time. This being the holy grail of graphite, an original scott g-series. While not the most sought after model, it is still one I am very excited to fish for many years to come. It is the two piece 9′ 5wt, the all around fly rod, especially for fishing in NorCal. According to the folks at Scott, it was built sometime in the early-mid 80’s, which is not the earliest series, but still one of the earliest “fast” rods ever built. Looks pretty darn good as well. Its the little things in life you have to take pleasure in. The perfection found in a well crafted fly rod is something that is hard to match in the eyes of any dedicated fly angler. I have fished it briefly since I acquired it, but will be putting it through its paces this upcoming week on one of my yearly pilgrimages to a special river.

Whose rod was it before it fell into my hands? What places has this rod seen? Who held it and caught some memories in past years?

That I will never know. But I am sure that the past owner would be happy to see it, alive and full of soul as only a fly rod could be described.

In time I will hide it somewhere in the place it was found, with a few more scratches than it currently has. Maybe after my passing, with a note that asks the new owner to enjoy it as I have, and not to put it on the mantle, but to share its memory of the flowing waters that it guided me through.



About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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