Summary of the Season

I haven’t touched this thing in a while. It is far too easy to forget to spend the time to write and reflect as other things may be in the forefront of your mind.

This fall was spectacular in the State of Jefferson. Fall started with a bang, not only in the fishing but in the weather as well. Where as last season we were wet wading into mid november, this year we had weather. Big rain and wind weren’t uncommon, and we even got blew out a few days this year.

The beauty of the Klamath is hard to explain in words. In this place I feel extremely connected to mother earth, as do many of the people who come visit. This is what you can call a “thin place”, in that the line separating this world, from somewhere else is fairly blurred. When you visit, you will feel it.












We experienced exceptional fishing this fall. Presenting swung flies often yielded fish when done with confidence, and side drifting nymphs put a large number into the net at times.














I had the pleasure to fish with J and G from Sacramento, and they were diehard anglers. If there was a method to catch steelhead using flies, we did it. If you limit the ways you fish, you limit the fish you catch.






The respectable buck pictured above was one of a handful landed in a single run, which in my notebook is now known as Jim and Greg’s.































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5 Responses to Summary of the Season

  1. Norma Smith says:

    Your pictures are really good. I love your writing, you have a way with expressing your thoughts that I find so interesting and creates a picture for the reader. Keep on writing.

  2. Bo Adams says:

    Tayler- Just found your blog. I have been meaning to contact you since we fished mid Nov, but as usual work, family… has kept me very busy and I been keeping my head down and getting after the work so that I can get a few bucks to get out again. I was the solo guy in the Prius from Torrance. I can hardly remember all the details of the trip now so I thought I would post my fishing journal entry from the trip.
    1st trip to the Klamath. Guide day Fri 10/17 w/ Tayler Wells- Tailwalker Guide Service. Nice kid from Sac. Learned double spey and snap t. Got 1 good grab on 2 hander. Swinging was a little slow. Overcast all day. Floated Community Center to Brown Bear. Good swinging run at … bridge (The Proposal Run). Indicated w/ Agent Orange, bead, & Nest Robber below salmon redds. 3 adults on agent orange & 1 was about 24″. Good hen for Klamath. Dropped flow on 10/15 from 1680 to 1000 and stayed that way.
    Started at M M Ranch. Steep hike but good multiple swing runs. Watched sun break through clouds and illuminate fog shrouded mountainside. 1/2 pounder couple smolts. Tried G riffle. Nice long swing run. Good camping. The sun was high and was really able to track GB skunk and get a good feel of the speed of the swing and effect of mending. Boiled on mid current a few casts in. (Looking back now and after reading more info, probably should have switched up flies a few times and kept working him before moving on. Since it was only a few casts in I kept working down thinking that the run would hold more). Ended up with another 1/2 pounder and some smolts. (after spending the morning down there with no real grabs, thought that maybe those Shasta fish had already moved by or that the floatilla from the previous days had already hammered em) Ended eve up river below ST campground where road runs 20 ft above river left. (past your truck on the way up and it looked like you were just finishing up swinging and thought about hitting you up to try the 2 hander again but figured that wasn’t too kosher and let you have your peace) Good run riffle at this flow. Worked through once w/ GBS, not much action. Switched to a Freight Train (I think) purple tail/hackle, red/green and silver ribbed body, white wing. HOOKED AN ADULT, looked like a 2 footer, definitely legit, shot straight for heavy current in middle, launched 3 feet, and threw the hook! Heart break – an adult on the swing!!! Kept working and landed a 19″ a few casts later. ( so I got my adult on the swing, thank you, thank you!)
    Last morning. Started in same run w/ FT for 1/2 pounder and some smolts. Should have worked thru w/ different pattern (GBS?) Finished at the Proposal Run. Lots of action, multiple smolts, three 1/2 pounders, 1 adult, and another 1/2 pounder busted off at leader. Bring net-long handled. Started w/ FT, switched back to GBS for the adult and many of the others. Overcast hi 50 low 60s? – Fri, Sat & Sun sunny 72, and water 59 AM and 63 sunset.

    I really enjoyed our day. Thank you for everything including tips for Sat & Sun. I would really like to quiz you a little more on the 2 hander I was throwing and get your recommendation on what I may use in the future for where I am most likely to end up, SF Eel, main Eel, American. I also saw a lot of surface action Sat & Sun and would have liked to try a dry. Maybe next season… Although all time on the water is satisfying, some trips are more satisfying than others, and that one was for me. Send me a direct email so I can reply w/ some photos attached. It is really cool to know that a young guy with the passion can make a living guiding, I have fished w quit a few over the past 22 years, and you are doing right. Good on ya mate!

    All the best.
    Pretty much washed up surfer from Socal,
    Bo Adams

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