New Ride, and Lower Yuba Fishing


We recently picked up the new 2015 Clackacraft WF Superfly. While the Eddy is the best rowing drift boat I have ever had, the low sides got me into trouble a time or two. This new WF has all the same features that make the Eddy so nice to fish out of, with higher sides and a safer ride.


The Lower Yuba is very low right now. With its flows sitting around 570-590, it makes the fishing a bit more demanding. Good drifts in the right places are key, as is stealth. If you make a poor presentation, chances are that fish won’t eat for a while. Even still, persistence can pay off. It’s a ton of fun to pick a fish and go at him for a while.


My favorite bugs while dead drifting right now are small mayfly nymphs, no larger than 16, more often 18-20. Any of hogans various slim may’s will work. I’ve been running long and light rigs, 5-9 feet from my indo to the weight. 4/5/6x are my main tippet materials, but I will at times use 7x.

The Skwalla’s are up, and it seems like the bows are really starting to key in on them, but a lot of fish are keying in on the often day long BWO hatch that is popping.

Hope to see you out there!


About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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  1. I really like your post.My cousin lives up in that area like near Yreka and montauge .My cousin also does a lot of salmon fishing .

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