Keeping it Local! V.1/2015

Lately the Yuba River has been rewarding to fish. Flows have been hovering around 700 for a few weeks, and the condition of the river is great! The last storm a few weeks back bumped flows enough to clear some of the algae that can make wading tough. 

The amount of bug life has been consistently staggering. We have been seeing March Browns, gray drakes, golden stones, skwalas, bwo’s, pmd’s and many other bugs.

There has been a ton of anglers on the river, more than myself and many other guides have ever seen. This has made some of our fish quite educated, perfect drifts with the right bugs are key. 

I am fishing a good bit of dropper rigs, either putting a bead head nymph, or an emerger behind a larger fly.

Head hunting greatly increases your odds of success, and picking fish out to catch with a dry fly is what it’s all about.

Throw your cast, get your drift, and you may be rewarded with a rise.

See you around the bend,


About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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