Siskiyou scrambling….

The last few months have really gone by in a blur. We have been living in Montague approaching two months, and are loving it so far. Being very close to so many interesting places has been a blast for us.

With fall approaching, my calendar has begun to fill and I very much look forward to the grind. 

I’ve gotten to explore the North Umpqua a bit, which was an incredible experience. Landing my first summer out of that water was something special.

Another place I have become enamored with is pit #3, a dead drifters dream. Hooked and lost one of the biggest trout of my life, and landed a few good ones.  

The last week or so my focus has shifted away from fishing, and towards putting meet in the freezer, in terms of blacktail deer and black bear. The season opens just over a month from now, and I am readying myself for the adventure. 

Been doing some whitewater trips on the middle klamath, a ton of fun and I get to look at the river in a totally different manner. Big whitewater is intimidating but a blast! 

Open dates as of now:
Nov 2-5, Dec 11-20 (pretty much all booked up)


About taylerwells

fly fishing guide in california and alaska student pursuing a career in the DFW
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