About Me


Tayler was raised in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and spent his youth accompanying his father to a variety of California’s many outdoor opportunities. He began his pursuit of fly fishing at age 13 and has not looked back. Once he purchased his first car, the pastime of fishing turned into a life style that has taken hold, and has yet to let go. His love of fishing and the natural world led him to complete a degree in Environmental Science from CSU Sacramento, and he uses this knowledge to impart a deeper understanding of the natural world to all that he has an opportunity to share it with. He has guided for various outfitters and lodges, spending 4 seasons in Western Alaska, and heeding the call of the fall season in Northern California, primarily on the Middle Klamath. No matter where his travels have taken him, Gold Country and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada will always be his favorite place to fish. The Forks of the American River are his stomping grounds and true home, and he appreciates having to earn the opportunity to catch wild trout as the canyons make necessary. A gifted fly tier, Tayler has numerous commercial patterns available by top manufacturers. He enjoys fishing with anyone, especially his wife Shelby, and herding dog Kit. Hard work and putting his guests first is in his blood, and he will do his best to ensure your fly fishing experience is enjoyed to the fullest.



7 Responses to About Me

  1. Mike says:

    For everyone viewing Taylor’s blog for the first time, I just wanted to say he is an awesome dude! Also, even though I know little about fishing, he seems to know everything about everything. If you are an employer, hire him immediately. The guy has a ridiculous work effort and passion, if not love, for fishing.

  2. Nate Bailey says:

    Great Blog Tayler! I love the black rock fish at Kodiak! I have a story about Shelicoft (sp) Strait that I am going to have to tell you sometime! Nate

  3. Larry Murphy GGACC and LCO founding team member says:

    Just spent a fascinating hour reading and viewing your website! Have enjoyed fishing with Craig on the Klamath, Aaron on L.Sac, Jon H. on the Rogue, Bill L. on the Yuba, and look forward to joining you in the near future. Your enthusiasm and articulation make it imperative that I spend some river days with you. Freedom and Whisky, Lm

    • taylerwells says:

      Thanks for the kind words! Contact me at your earliest convenience if you are looking to fish this fall, just had a few days open up during prime time, October 5-8.

      Thanks again!

  4. Larry Murphy says:

    TW…. That week in October I will be chasing bomber browns on the Yellowstone out of Gardiner. But will contact you later this month to plan some steelhead hunting. LM

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