Guided Fishing Trips

I am solely guiding for Winter Steelhead currently.

Targeting fresh steelhead, we will explore various rivers of the PNW, specifically NW Oregon.

Gear, fly, swing, bobber, float, walk and wade. We put no limitations on our angling. If you limit the ways you fish, you limit the fish you catch.

Look forward to seeing you on the water,

Tayler Wells

Tailwalker Fly Fishing

(530) 417-2818


4 Responses to Guided Fishing Trips

  1. Bill Hagen says:

    Hi Taylor — I heard your good presentation in Davis. Would you recommend fishing the American R. below the confluence? Would going downstream from Drivers Flat be better than driving up to Oxbow? I know it all depends on water flows, but I’m trying to find the closest good [extensive] fly water to Davis. All help appreciated.

    Bill Hagen

  2. M Gubosh says:

    I have enjoyed reading your posts. What are you offering with regard to guided trips in 2016?

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